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TA Prep and Course Design

Page history last edited by Dan Collins 12 years, 4 months ago

Preparing for your TAship in the School of Art Core Program (artCORE)
Here are a few action points and important pieces of information for all TAs teaching in the Core (ART 112, 113, 115, and ART 194).
STEP A:  Navigating the Bureaucracy and Locating Resources:  Communicate with Professor Dan Collins to review resources and begin a conversation about your involvement in artCORE and the design of your course.  He is just starting his sabbatical, so go easy!  He can be reached at dan.collins@asu.edu   He is available through the end of May on his cell phone at 480-206-2037.  Do call if you are teaching for the first time and need help with all the details. Once you’ve checked in with Dan, follow through on the following…

1.  New TAs:  Sign up for REQUIRED “TAD” (TA Development) sessions organized by the Grad College See http://graduate.asu.edu/taorientation.html.  Also, refer to same website regarding the completion of three different required “modules” to maintain your TA status.  Online modules are available through your “my ASU” account on Blackboard.  First module has to be completed BEFORE August 12.  Second module will be completed during one of two face to face meetings scheduled for Aug. 12 and 13.  Third module needs to be completed before Dec. 8, 2010.  See site above for further details.  
2.  New TAs:  Sign up for REQUIRED "Principles of Core Art Instruction" (ARA 598) with Professor Mary Hood (3 units) (This is for Fall Semester TAs ONLY).  Mary is the Core Coordinator for 2010-2011 while Dan is off on his sabbatical.
3.  New TAs:  Meet with your Area colleagues (2D, Color, 3D, or IDM) for feedback during orientation week.
3.  New TAs:  Sign up for a REQUIRED one-on-one follow-up meeting with Professor Mary Hood (send her an email to schedule at mary.hood@asu.edu) during the summer...at the very latest, the week before school starts. Have syllabus and four weeks of material ready.
4.  All Core TAs: Attend General Core meeting, the Friday before classes start (unless otherwise scheduled)… 10 - 12, Tower A 208. ATTENDANCE REQUIRED.
5.  All Core TAs:  Send Dan your current contact info (new and returning TAs if changed). Dan will update our contact list and distribute to the group before June, 2010.  
6.  Returning TAs: Independent Study signup is no longer required.

Double-check your assignment and get back to Dan with any questions/problems.  Don't assume your class assignment is correct…crosscheck with online course listings at the following:  https://www.asu.edu/go/classsearch/.

Resources for ALL artCORE TAs:

--artCORE wiki:  http://artcore.pbworks.com (one stop shopping for all things Core!). This has become the most important and useful resource that we have developed.  You should have received an invitation to signup for this “wiki” (a co-created website).  Check your junk mail if you don’t find the invitation in your inbox.  In order to log in to the site you will need to create your own unique login/password.
--artCORE website:  http://www.asu.edu/cfa/wwwcourses/art/SOACore (archive)
--TA Handbook:  http://www.asu.edu/cfa/wwwcourses/art/SOACore/handbook.pdf
--Sample artCORE syllabus (with hotlinks to ASU and SOA resources):  http://www.asu.edu/cfa/wwwcourses/art/SOACore/2D_collins_s07.htm  Starting F2010, be sure to add this updated URL to your syllabus:  http://students.asu.edu/srr/code
--Your students are required to purchase one of two hardcopy textbooks for your class (available in on-campus and off-campus bookstores):  
    -2D (ART 112), 3D (ART 115), Intro to Digital Media (ART 194):  Launching the Imagination by         Mary Stewart, 3rd. ed.
    -Color (ART 113):  Color Workbook by Betsy Koenig.
--Finally, new for Fall 2010, ALL TAs must set up their course using the new Blackboard 9 system.  While this may seem like a pain, this will help you communicate with your students more effectively and provide a context for delivery of a new “Health and Safety Module” for all Core classes.  Info about how to set up your course in bb9 can be found here:  http://help.asu.edu/search/node/bb9

STEP B: Start Designing Your Course

Go to Page 3 of the TA Handbook:  http://www.asu.edu/cfa/wwwcourses/art/SOACore/handbook.pdf
This document will guide you through the specific tasks you need to complete before you meet with Mary Hood over the Summer. In a nutshell, you will be designing your own course based on precedent.  There is tons of material to “cut and paste” from...and you will also be developing original projects of your own.  As of summer 2010, your primary resource for sample syllabi, new projects, powerpoint lectures, etc. is the artCore wiki at http://artcore.pbworks.com

STEP C:  Introduce yourself to your new friends in artCORE

One of your best resources for your work in the Core is your fellow TAs.  Don't hesitate to contact your colleagues...esp.those teaching in your assigned area (one more reason to forward your contact info...). Your area coordinator is an important and useful first contact (designated by asterisk on Contact Sheet).

For questions regarding your status as a grad, your responsibilities to the Grad College, or general departmental questions (including scholarship and loan info), please see Vicki Kelley in the main art office.  vicki.kelley@asu.edu


We are very lucky to have Professor Mary Hood (mary.hood@asu.edu) in the Core Coordinator position for the 2010-2011 academic year.  Mary will not only be a great personal contact she brings years of teaching experience to share with us all in the Core.


Introduce yourself to the current Core RA, Nic Wiesinger. He will be your secret weapon in navigating the Core.  Nicholas.Wiesinger@asu.edu

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