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artCORE Directory


Spring 2010 Master Contact List and Schedule

Fall 2011 Master Contact List and Schedule 

Fall 2012 Master Contact List and Schedule

Name Number Email Title/Responsibilities Other Info
Dan Collins 480-206-2037 dan.collins@asu.edu


Nic Wiesinger 317-490-7346  nicholas.wiesinger@asu.edu  RA/Core Admin Assist.  
Lynette Andreasen 480 209 6574   lynette.andreasen@yahoo.com TA/Core instructor 3D, Metalworking I
Jesse Armstong 405-620-5134


TA/Core instructor 3D, Ceramic Survey
Malena Barnhart 443-929-2590 malena.barnhart@gmail.com TA/Core Instructor Color
Peter Christenson 773-771-4505 ptchrist@asu.edu TA/Core instructor IDM
Matthew Clark 270-404-6414 mtclark2@asu.edu TA/Core instructor 2D, Color
Elise Deringer 405-640-5337 edw@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Nicholas Dowgwillo  920-390-9461 nicholas.dowgwillo@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D
Jana Evans  214-766-3806 jana.evans@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color
Amanda Frazier 936-648-4345
afrazie1@mainex1.asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color
Lizeth Garcia 602-703-2677 lizeth.garcia@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Matthew Garcia  602-317-2602 matgar40@hotmail.com TA/Core Instructor 2D
Dain Gore  602-565-9304 dain.gore@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color
Chad Gunderson 507-327-5403 chad.gunderson@gmail.com TA/Core Instructor Ceramic Survey, 3D
Ashley Brooke Heuts 919-749-5978 a.brookeheuts@asu.edu TA Fibers
Natalia Jaeger  480-296-1276 natalia.jaeger@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor IDM
Julia R. Jones        
Lauren Kinney 415-602-0224  lauren.kinney@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D
Whitney Korstange  765-714-7854 whitney.korstange@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color
Nathaniel Lewis  570-417-5281 nathaniel.lewis@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D, 3D
Teresa Miro Martin 480-295-5481 tmiromartin@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor IDM
Jacob Meders  912-660-1626 jmeders@yahoo.com TA/Core Instructor Color
Kathleen Moore  319-325-5572 kathleen.k.moore@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D, Color
Ann Morton  602-451-6092 ann.morton@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color
Matthew Mosher 617-755-4474 matthew.mosher@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Gabriella Munoz  602-293-6817 la_gabbina@hotmail.com TA/Core Instructor 2D
Ronna Nemitz        
Katie Poterala        
Ellie Richards  724-612-2602 eleanor.richards@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Candice Ring  480-320-0079 candice.ring@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Marco Rosichelli  623-225-5208 marco@rosichelli.com TA/Core Instructor IDM, 3D MFA Fall 2008
Emily Stergar  317-292-2642 emily.stergar@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D, Sculpture I
Emily Stokes  734-730-4033 emily.stokes@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 3D
Olivia Timmons  602-228-8149 olivia.timmons@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor Color. MFA Fall 2009
Don Vance  602-478-1605 devance@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor IDM
Kelsey Vance  860-933-8243 kelsey.vance@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D
Nan Vaughn       Sculpture MFA candidate
Patrick Vincent 612-418-2113  patrick.vincent@asu.edu  TA/Core Instructor  Color 
Kelsey Wiskirchen   Kelsey.Wiskirchen@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor
Sebastian Wittig  480-760-5512 sebx@asu.edu TA/Core Instructor 2D


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