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I. Intro

1. Intro to IDM (Miro)


II.  Images / Raster Graphics

1. Raster Graphics (Darby)

2.  Erasing and altering History through Photomontage (Miro).

3. Raster Lecture (Aasen)

4. Raster Artist Lecture (Aasen)


III.  Type / Vector Graphics

1.  Vector_Graphics (Darby)

2.  Anatomy of Type (Darby)

3. Vector Lecture (Aasen)

4. Sweet_Text in Art Lecture.pptx (Sweet)


IV.  Sound

1.  Sound Art (Collins)

2. Sound Artist Lecture (Aasen)


V.  Video

1.  Elements of Cinematography (Darby)

2.  Editing (Darby)

3. Video Artist Lecture (Aasen)

4. Video Art Lecture  (Sweet) Sweet_Video.pptx


VI.  Animation

1.  Animation (Darby)

2. Sweet_Stopmotion_Animation_Lecture.pptx (Sweet)


VII.  Programming



VIII.  Web Authoring

1.  The Web (Darby)





A.  Identity

1.  Identity (Art 21)

1.  Identity Art (Collins)


B.  Protest and Persuasion

1a.  Persuasive Text - part 1 (Deringer)

1b.  Persuasive Text - part 2 (Deringer)

2.    Alfredo Jaar (Art21)

3.    Detournement and Culture Jamming (McConnell)


C.  Technology

1.  Art and Technology (20th c. overview)

2.  New Media and Social Networking - part 1 (Collins)

3.  New Media and Social Networking - part 2 (Collins)


D.  Collaboration

1.  Collaboration (Warhol Museum)

2.  Judy Pfaff and Ursula von Rydingsvard (Art21)  


E.  Other Voices

1.  Native American Contemporary Art (Collins)


F.  Art for Hire

1.  Hans Haacke:  Unfinished Business (NY Times article)

2.  With Art, Investing in Genius (NY Times, 11/29/14)


G.  Fantasy

1a. Surrealism - part 1 (Ganis)

1b. Surrealism - part 2 (Ganis)


H.  The Natural World

1.  Earth Art (Collins)

2.  Andy Goldsworthy


I.  Spirit Worlds

1.  Contemporary Art and Spirituality (Art21)

2.  Chart of World Religions

3.  Archetypes


J.  Place and Community

1.  Lucy Lippard: Critical  Landscape Photography (Vimeo)











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