2D Materials List



    1. Portfolio (large enough to fit all projects)
    2. Tackle box for pencils, brushes, etc. 
    3. Notebook with drawing paper
    4. Blue Painter’s Tape or Artist’s Tape
    5. 18-inch Ruler (metal)
    6. Xacto knife handle & #11 x-acto blades
    7. Scissors
    8. Tracing paper (18 inch.  Use for lay-outs AND for slip sheets)
    9. Glue (Neutral pH adhesives are preferable but not required)
    10. Plastic cup or container (for water)
    11. White palette or mixing tray (small) or palette paper
    12. Acrylic paint: Black, White, Red, Blue, & yellow
    13. Paint brush (Suggested: round #5 or #6 & filbert or flat ½” – ¾”)
    14. Assorted pens, pencils, brushes, and other drawing utensils
    15. Graphite pencils (6B , 2B & 4H)
    16. erasers (kneadable and white plastic) 


The following supplies will be provided, but you may need to purchase more as the semester goes on:

    1. 11” x 14 ” Bristol Board Pad OR 15 x 20" cold-press illustration board.

    2. 20”x 26” Black paper (1 sheets), White paper (1 sheets)

    3. Black Marker Pens (.2mm, .35mm, .5mm) (or thereabouts--Micron or Staedtler work well).

    4. Xacto Blades (beyond #11 that each student should purhase)

    5. Printmaking paper

    6. Duralar for poichior



Utrecht: NE Corner of Rural and University, in the strip mall  (480)446-0800

Jerry’s Art-a-rama:4421 South Rural Road, Fairlanes Villages, Suite 1-3. (480)775-6787